Saturday, July 02, 2022

Insurance Sales Hit the Mall

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By Jayne O'Donnell

Theresa Pugh stopped at a store near Lord & Taylor after eating at the restaurant a few doors down.

She picked herself up a supplemental Medicare plan from the Horizon Connect store.

"There's so much going on with health care in our country right now, I needed to go with someone that I trusted," says Pugh, of Mount Laurel, N.J. "I just felt like I wasn't being sold a bill of goods."

Call it the retailization of health insurance.

Shopping center owners may not be courting them as they would Apple or trendy fashion brands, but health insurers are increasingly opening stores alongside far sexier retail tenants.

With few people buying health insurance on their own, insurers have long focused on retaining and attracting the companies that offer it to their employees. Now, however, the new health law known as the Affordable Care Act means most uninsured Americans are required to have insurance beginning March 31 or pay a penalty at tax time in 2015.


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