Monday, July 13, 2020

Time Off To Vote

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Time Off To Vote

Maybe you’re a civic-minded person. Maybe you have strong feelings toward a certain candidate. Maybe you’ve voted in every election since you were 18 and you don’t want to break the streak. Whatever reasons you have for wanting to vote, you may not be sure whether your state has laws requiring your employer to provide you with time off to vote.

According to an article on the website of the Society For Human Resource Management titled, “Do Employees Get Time Off to Vote?” there’s no federal law that mandates this, but there are states that offer voting leave. What’s more, in some states the leave is required to be paid. How cool is that?

Even where a state doesn’t have a law on the books for this, it’s good company practice to offer paid time off for employees to vote. At the very least, an employer should allow a worker to arrive late or leave early so he or she can vote, provided that they notify the employer in advance that they need this time off.

Some states require employers to post notices in the workplace before an election that notify workers of their voting rights. Furthermore, there are penalties for employers who do not comply with this. Companies that operate in multiple states have the choice of offering one voting policy that complies with all the state laws where they have offices, having multiple policies depending on the state, or even going above and beyond the most generous state voting law.

Regardless of where you work or your company’s voting policy, make sure that it complies with the law, that everyone from CEO to manager to employee knows the company policy, and that everyone is afforded the opportunity to vote.

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