Monday, April 12, 2021

Jan. Webinar: Discover 'The Perfect Plan'

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When you experience the Perfect Plan you won't need anything except an open and honest mind- no egos, no political correctness. The Perfect Plan sessions are as much therapy as they are enlightening and are something you will remember for the rest of your career. At the very least, you will leave with a new look at the 21st century world of institutional sales and communication. It is designed to change belief systems and give you "permission" to look at the world in a different light.

Don has 26 years of Financial Consulting experience and is one of the industry's leading experts. He is a classically-trained economist who earned his MBA in global technology, management, and international business, with an undergraduate degree in economics and finance. He is currently completing doctoral studies with a Ph.D. in Finance. He resides in Atlanta and is fluent in international business affairs. Don has made a dramatic impact and was the leading institutional sales person for three major insurance companies and has personally averaged over $1 billion per year in asset sales. His Perfect Plan series brings together the efforts of the world's top sales people into an afternoon that you will not forget. He explains how and why you can achieve what the elite 1 percent already have -- a Perfect Plan.

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