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January Employer Webinar and Updates

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January's Employer Webinar will be held Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014 at 2 p.m. ET and will focus on HRAs, HSAs and FSAs under PPACA. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for other details, including webinar presenter information.

Employer Webinar Series Updates
We have had several instances of unauthorized use of subscription codes, and since the codes have not been changed in some time, it seems best to update everyone's subscription and priority codes. The updating will occur right after the December Employer (Jackson Lewis) Webinar -- the new codes will be sent to the people in your firm who receive the webinar attendance reports around Dec. 13. For those who subscribe to the Employer Webinar Series, the new code also will be posted on each firm's personalized Employer Webinar Series page on the Wisdom Network. This updating process means that registration for the January webinar will not open until Dec. 16. Reporting of webinar attendees will not be affected by this change. 

We are also pleased to announce that beginning with the January webinar, the Partner Firm discount code will be posted when registration opens for the webinar, rather than the Friday before the webinar. (This code allows Partner Firms to view the webinar at no cost, and without using a subscription seat. It changes with each webinar, to allow us to track attendance.)

PPACA continues to be a hot topic, and we have occasionally exceeded the 1,000-seat GoToWebinar limit. This seat limit is a function of the GoToWebinar software. While we have looked into alternatives, there does not appear to be an easy solution. This software limitation means that occasionally a webinar may sell out. While we will offer an opportunity to access a recording of the webinar to those who cannot attend the live session, to reduce last-minute issues we recommend that:

  • You don't wait until the last minute to register if you are inviting people to your office to view the webinar
  • As mentioned above, we will begin posting the "free" partner firm employee code as soon as registration opens so that you do not have to use a subscription seat and can reserve your spot early
  • You may wish to enroll people at least weekly, rather than waiting until the morning of the webinar, if you register your employers directly
  • You encourage employers with multiple attendees to just enroll one person, and watch the webinar as a group
  • You encourage employees in your firm to listen together (the system tracks log-ins, not the number of people listening)

Any questions should be sent to Linda Rowings.


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