Thursday, August 22, 2019

Pawsome Pet Benefits

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Pawsome Pet Benefits

Any employer that offers pet benefits to its employees certainly gets a round of appaws from me. It’s well documented about the health benefits of owning a pet, yet companies are slow to respond to this as well as the growing trend of millennials of owing pets over having children.

An article in Workforce titled, “Breeding Pet-Friendly Benefits,” notes that young people entering the job market are not only getting married later, they’re having children later in life if at all. Many are filling that void by owning pets. Unfortunately, these new professionals are discovering that their employers haven’t kept up with the times. It’s true that some companies offer day care, but these are for human children and not “fur babies.” What are employees, who often have to work long hours, able to do with their pets who are stuck at home?

Anyone who has owned a pet knows that it’s considered a member of the family. Some companies, looking to offer unique benefits in order to attract top talent, are exploring pet-friendly options. These include subsidizing doggy daycare and pet resorts, offering pet insurance, and even allowing employees to bring their pets to work. A great activity that has popped up even among companies not providing any pet-related benefits is organizing on-site pet get-togethers for their employees after hours and on weekends so that they can network and socialize.

The article points out that millennials aren’t just looking for a paycheck, they’re looking for an employer that fits their culture and varied expectations. They want to know that the employer is also willing to help make a difference in an employee’s life.

Employers are recognizing that if an employee’s pets are happy, that in turn will help make the employee happy, which in turn helps to make that employee more productive and loyal to the company.

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