Thursday, August 13, 2020

HPS Released

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UBA has released its 2013 Health Plan Survey. The purpose of the survey is to provide employers with comparative data regarding plan costs, employee contributions and plan designs that will allow them to benchmark their plan against those of similar employers.

The national scope of the survey allows for regional, industry-specific and employee size differentials to emerge from the data. In addition, the exceptionally large number of included plans allows for both a broader range of categories than normally reported and a larger number of respondents in each category. This is especially true for the small and midsize companies that comprise the overwhelming majority of health plans in the country.

We once again extend our thanks to all the participating company representatives and benefits professionals who provided data for this report. Their efforts resulted in the largest number of employer-based plan cost / plan design responses available -- a remarkable accomplishment.

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The 2013 Health Plan Survey Deliverables were e-mailed out to participating Partners on August 28. The booklets will be mailed the week of Sept. 2. Included in the deliverables was a PDF version of the HPS booklet.

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