Monday, April 12, 2021

Managing Benefit Costs – A Top Business Priority

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Employers of all sizes are challenged to rethink employee benefits in this new world of health care reform. Tight budgets and a still-recovering economy are spurring benefits managers to think beyond health insurance and look at their benefits as a whole. They must think creatively and more broadly. They must step up their communications to help employees manage the changes ahead. The task requires commitment, but the payoff is more than worthwhile: a benefits program that helps employers of all sizes compete more effectively in tomorrow’s marketplace.

Although the employer-based benefits landscape is radically changing, several truths are certain:

  • Employees will need reliable, actionable information to make wise decisions about benefits.
  • Voluntary offerings that are mostly untouched by the hand of health care reform are more attractive tools than ever to enhance employment recruitment and retention.
  • Voluntary benefits continue to offer valuable and affordable financial protection for working Americans.
  • Benefits communication that is meaningful and personalized provides an effective means to combat the confusion of health care reform and create an environment of choice, value and security.

As major provisions of health reform come online, employers face a balancing act to remain competitive and to ensure employees have access to an attractive portfolio of benefits. Despite the heightened focus on health insurance, employers must not lose sight of their entire benefits program and its value in attracting and retaining employees. Join Belinda Maffei, Director of Broker Market Development at Colonial Life, for a webinar on how voluntary benefits and benefits education & communication can be tremendous assets to employers looking for a cost-effective way to offer a competitive benefits package.

As a leader in the voluntary benefits industry for 75 years, Colonial Life has a rich history and an award-winning reputation for hassle-free service, innovation and products. Headquartered in Columbia, S.C, in 1939, Colonial Life offers individual and group supplemental insurance products including disability, accident, life, cancer, critical illness and hospital confinement indemnity coverage.


Belinda Maffei

Director, Broker Market Development
Colonial Life

Belinda is the Director of Broker Market Development for Colonial Life. She is responsible for planning, developing and implementing high-impact marketing initiatives across distribution channels and broker market segments, providing strategic counsel as well as hands-on tactical execution of activities.

As a member of the Corporate Leadership Team, Belinda is recognized for demonstrating a consistent pattern of thinking strategically with a strong sense of personal accountability in accomplishing both functional and organizational goals. A skilled communicator, facilitator, and negotiator with tactical and strategic vision, keen bottom-line focus, and success in optimizing efficiency and maximizing results through delivery of value-added programs, systems, and procedures; propensity to build winning environments that consistently add value, deliver measurable results, and enhance organizational integrity, viability, sustainability, and growth. She is a respected partner of both home office and sales force members.

Belinda joined Colonial Life in 1991 and has served the company in a variety of roles including operations management, account development and marketing management. She has traveled extensively abroad and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

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