Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Ancillary Products Survey Deliverables

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UBA released the first installment of its deliverables from the 2013 Ancillary Products Survey on Nov. 25. Thank you for all your efforts to make our first biannual national Ancillary Products Survey such a remarkable success!
The National Common files may be downloaded from our server by clicking HERE. The link contains the following reports:

National data:

  • A PDF set of the full survey tabulations
  • A set of 44 State Excel reports, with State, Regional and National comparisons
  • A complete set of Industry Reports             

A separate email will be sent individually to each Partner, which will contain a link to your firm's specific client reports:

  • An individual client report for each plan used in the final database
  • A Book of Business report for each plan used in the final database

Our Ancillary deliverables will be divided into two releases. The first contains the electronic deliverables; the second, coming in a few weeks, will be the booklet along with adjustments from any feedback we receive (reports that are needed, etc). The second release will include an electronic copy of the National Report booklet.

Since this is our first Ancillary Survey, we are especially interested in your feedback. For these Ancillary Survey deliverables, we created an Ancillary focus group, which provided feedback on what reports are used and what reports are not being utilized. We attempted to balance effective reporting, while not creating reports that are not meeting a business need. Therefore, you will find a streamlined version of the reports, compared to the Health Plan Survey. 

Again, congratulations for helping to produce a wonderful client/prospect deliverable!

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