Wednesday, October 23, 2019

EAPs Can Help in Troubled Times

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Employee assistance programs (EAP) gained momentum in the mid-1970s as occupational alcoholism programs. Today, EAPs have expanded program offerings that include a variety of services aimed at addressing employee well-being and performance.

A recent webinar presented by United Benefit Advisors -- "In Time with EAP:  How EAPs Work With You to Help Your People -- in Times of Grief, in Times of Crisis, in Times of Conflict, in Times of Stress" -- offers practical advice how EAPs can stand alongside employers to help their staff with difficulties at home or at work.

The webinar reviews crisis employees face that affect day-to-day work such as death of a family member or of a colleague and specific action steps that employers can take to ensure that their workforce receive the care and resources they need to gain back optimism, resilience and hope.

Not only are EAPs available to intervene when employees are affected by grief events, but they also can serve as a resource for performance, attendance, workplace bullying and violence and other on-the-job conflicts. The webinar will cover how traditional protocols can work hand-in-hand with mandatory EAP referrals to provide the most appropriate risk-management interventions for these situations.

"With EAPs, employers are not alone in handling mental health or other conflict issues. It's essential to know when and how to use this powerful program," said Thomas Mangan, CEO of UBA.  

To view a recording of the webinar, CLICK HERE.

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