Thursday, February 09, 2023

Top 10 UBA Blogs from 2015 Reveal Hot Button Healthcare Issues for Employers

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By Bill Olson
Chief Marketing Officer for United Benefit Advisors

Top Ten

  1. IRS Provides Details on Reimbursing Premiums for Individual Health Coverage or Medicare Part B, Part D, for Medigap for Active Employees. For many years, employers were permitted to reimburse premiums paid for individual coverage on a tax-favored basis, however, these "employer payment plans" frequently are unable to meet all of the PPACA requirements. Read more

  2. Think 2014 tax forms are bad? Here come the 1094 and 1095 for 2015! UBA created this quick reference chart to help you sort out who should use which form, and when. Read more

  3. Top 5 Questions About The "Cadillac" Tax. Though the tax was delayed at the 11th hour, employers were concerned about the ramifications right up until Congress acted. Read more

  4. Wellness and EEOC. Wellness programs must be analyzed under a myriad of laws and regulations making them especially confusing for employers. Our popular blog outlined the employers' wellness programs that are the center of current litigation to help employers guard against running afoul of of the law. Read more

  5. Growing Pains: Why Adolescence Is About To Get That Much Harder. The landscape changes dramatically as an employer grows from a small employer to a large employer under the law. Read more

  6. Highlights of Employer and Insurer Reporting Requirements. Another reporting blog made the top 10 list, revealing the level of employer stress around the new healthcare reporting laws. Read more

  7. New ACA Implications for Cafeteria Plans: Change in Status and Changing Employee Elections. Only certain benefits can be offered through a cafeteria plan. Read more

  8. Template Letter to Employees about IRS Forms 1095-B and 1095-C. Reporting, reporting and more reporting concerns are on the minds of employers. This time – how to communicate with employees. Read more

  9. 2015 UBA Health Plan Survey: Preliminary Findings Are Out! As always, our annual healthcare survey findings are of high interest to employers. Read more

  10. Proposed Changes to Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC). Proposed changes under the ACA always garner lots of interest. To stay informed of the latest pending legislation, be sure to subscribe to the UBA blog.
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