Thursday, August 13, 2020

Videos Make Everything Better

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Videos Make Everything Better

You don’t need to look at the success of YouTube to realize that people are naturally drawn to online videos. The same can be said when people are looking for a job. In an article titled, “Job Seekers Find Job Postings with Video More Compelling,” on the website of the Society for Human Resource Management, it notes that if a video is short and to the point, then people will look at a job posting twice as long as for a posting without video and they will share that posting four times as much. One of the potential reasons for this is because a video can convey the culture and character of a company far more than the standard boilerplate job wording can.

Once a potential job candidate views the hiring team, gets a feel for the open position, and if it generates interest, then he or she can quickly determine whether it’s a good fit without wading through the standard recruiting text. Plus, in a video the person being shown can talk directly to the job candidate and show him or her the office setting, their team or co-workers, and the benefits and opportunities.

Keeping the video short and simple is a no-brainer if you want to ensure the job seeker stays engaged. Shooting the video with a smartphone or tablet and keeping the duration to 30 seconds or less is a must. Also, don’t wait until everyone leaves the office, or before everyone gets there, to take the video. Job candidates need to see and hear the noise, energy, and day-to-day activities that they will be immersed in if they apply. Making the environment seem cold and sterile does a disservice to the person seeking a job since it’s not an accurate depiction of the working conditions. Remember that it’s better to strive for authenticity, not perfection. This isn’t a Hollywood movie. Similarly, it’s best not to use actors or scripts. Let your employees be open to talking freely.

Finally, make sure you have an approval process in place before any video goes live. These videos represent the company and you don’t want them convey a negative feeling or have any type of miscommunication. You also don’t want all your company’s videos to look or sound alike. Variety will help attract all sorts of people and expand the pool of top talent.

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