Wednesday, June 03, 2020

UBA Survey: Rate of CDHPs Drops

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In spite of passage of health care reform efforts, health care costs will continue to increase for both plan sponsors and their employees. Preliminary results of the United Benefit Advisors (UBA) 2012 Health Plan Survey, the nation's largest health plan survey with 17,905 plans from 11,711 employers -- and the only one of its kind to offer local benefits benchmarking capabilities -- show some startling trends in employer health plans.

One trend that stands out in this year's survey shows that consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs) in the U.S. experienced a decline in the percentage of plans offered for the first time since 2007. CDHP growth stagnation is a critical trend that businesses should consider when making health plan purchasing decisions. Though CDHPs are popular in some regions of the country (particularly the Northeast), the 2012 Health Plan Survey's closer look at why some areas have a high occurrence of CDHPs, along with surprising findings on the lack of savings with CDHPs, arms smart employers with key data that might lead them to reconsider offering them.

"The intent of the survey is to provide employers of all sizes with the data they need to manage their health care benefit programs effectively," says Bill Stafford, UBA's vice president of member services." Large employers will find the survey provides more participants and data in their category than other industry survey. And for employers with fewer than 1,000 employees (which represents more than 99 percent of the employers in the U.S.) and for employers who have operations in multiple locations, this survey is the only source of reliable regional -- and in many cases, state -- health plan benchmarks by size and industry."

With more Member Firms located in virtually all, UBA uniquely provides employers of all sizes the data they need to remain competitive in their local markets. The 2012 UBA Health Plan Survey won't be available to the public until Nov. 1. Employers can obtain a custom benchmarking report for their region, state, industry and size to help determine which types of plans are most popular in their area, which plans are being phased out, average employee costs and participation, and hundreds of thousands more pieces of highly relevant information that can help them negotiate their rates and communicate their plan advantages to employees by contacting their local UBA Member Firm.

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