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Communication Works: A Case Study on Why Matters

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017    2:00 p.m. ET / 11:00 a.m. PT

The Dilemma
Hanna Global Solutions was ready to flip the switch on a passive enrollment for a large client with employee work locations all across the country. The plans and pricing were in place, along with the Benefits Passport enrollment system, a Touchpoints portal, the Pocketpal mobile app and supporting communication. The benefits desk was trained and ready. And then the phone rang. Orders came down that this group’s medical plans, rate structure and rates needed to match the corporate offering—which was drastically different (HDHPs instead of familiar copays) and significantly more expensive. The employer also wanted enrollment in the HDHPs to go from five percent to 30 percent, and enrollment would be active.

The Response
Hanna Global Solutions convinced the employer to push enrollment back two weeks. Communication about the new enrollment began immediately. Articles on the portal were shifted to focus on HDHPs: how they work, the benefits of an HSA, how to take control of your health care expenses, how to find low-cost quality care. The Obeo Health Cost Comparison Tool was configured to the new plans. Benefits Passport was reprogrammed. Presentations were created to share what/why/how/when and give employees confidence and easy-to-use tools to choose the right plans. Webinars and a strategic, steady flow of information helped employees shift their expectations and prepare. The team monitored hits to specific pages on the portal and adjusted content to make the right information easy to find. A series of emails reinforced key messages and answered common questions the benefits desk received.

Great Results

  • 96.5 percent of employees actively enrolled
  • At least 30 percent attended a webinar
  • 35 percent linked to information on Obeo Health from the Touchpoints portal
  • Over 85 percent enrolled in the medical plan recommended by Obeo Health
  • 68 percent of employees enrolled in an HDHP, surpassing the employer’s goal by 200 percent
  • Hanna Global kept the client apprised of all moves along the way, which not only kept the client happy, but also kept the business

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